To the community we serve throughout the Molalla Rural Fire Protection District:

The Molalla Rural Fire Protection District is engaged in a process of listening, learning, and planning for the future.  We are inviting all members of our community to help shape that future with us.

We are constantly looking for better ways to provide effective response to fire and medical emergencies throughout our community and to encourage all of our community to work with us to prevent the next emergency.

We have asked independent research firm, Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc., to collect the feedback and provide the responses in a manner that does not associate names with comments.  So feel free to give us your honest opinions of what we do well and where we can improve and then look for the publication of our new strategic plan later this year.

Please visit to begin the survey.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Vince Stafford, Fire Chief

Mission Statement

“To Provide Fire and Life Safety Services to the Community We Protect. The District will strive to accomplish its mission through the delivery of high quality prevention, suppression, and emergency medical services. Those services shall be provided in a timely manner with qualified personnel who are well trained, adequately equipped, and highly motivated.”

Molalla Fire District is made up of career and volunteer personnel. Career and volunteer personnel staff the MRFPD #73 fire, rescue, and ambulance services. The District’s staff includes 13 people, also the fire department has one Administrative support person, who serves as receptionist, billing clerk and secretary.

Volunteers provide fire suppression, rescue, EMS, and public education services. Several volunteers serve as the District’s chaplains, providing counseling and support to District personnel and the community. The Department averages between 2.4 and 2.9 volunteers per call. In addition, Molalla Fire has a Student program with three students currently enrolled. Volunteers Molalla Fire is staffed with 96% Volunteers. These Volunteers include Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians as well as support staff. There are approximately 40 volunteer firefighters and 30 Emergency Medical Technicians who help serve Molalla’s fire and ambulance needs. Volunteers are not required to live in district, but are held to the same standards as in district volunteers.

We invite you to browse through our website for additional information and to bookmark this site for easy return. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on fire safety. And, if you’d like, you may make a donation to help us with training, equipment and other necessities by visiting our community page. Thank you for visiting.

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