Volunteer Firefighter

The largest and most valuable assets to our organization are the Volunteers who call the Molalla area home. Molalla Fire District meets the emergency needs of citizens with a diversified Career and Volunteer workforce. Our programs depend upon Volunteers in many diverse capacities.
Our volunteer firefighters are a mix of residents of our fire district and volunteers residing outside of the fire district. Out of district volunteers sign up for duty shifts, in which they stay at the fire station for a shift. Shifts available include daytime (0800-1800), nighttime (1800-0800) and full day (0800-0800). Regular volunteers respond from their homes and places of work for emergencies, but are also able to sign up for shifts.
Volunteer firefighters respond to a multitude of incidents, ranging from fires, motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, hazardous material spills, and other public services. Our firefighters frequently obtain various levels of emergency, medical training, ranging from Emergency Medical Responders to Paramedics.
If you are a healthy adult who embraces these same values and who wants to give back to the community and/or develop yourself for the future, then we want to meet you. Consider the commitment you would be making to yourself and the community, then take the time to carefully complete a Volunteer Application, or stop by our fire station to receive a ride along form and tour our facilities.


Keeping firefighters safe and healthy is our goal. The Molalla Fire District has a support team that helps the district during fires and other activities that require operations other than firefighting or working on the ambulance. This team is called out to major events to set up a station to take vital signs, hydrate and nourish the firefighters so they are able to continue working. The team also has three Chaplains that are available to help citizens of a catastrophe sort through what comes during and after the event. They are also available to help the district staff and volunteers through any event that might affect them also. The support team currently works on a three day, twenty-four hour on-call shift that has a three day rotation schedule. They are available to respond most any time during their shift so that the fire crews are taken care of. Occasionally the support team responds to water rescues, police stand-offs, training programs and other events that have a long duration for district volunteers and staff. To become a part of the Support Team, you can simply fill out one of our volunteer applications, pass a background check and a basic physical agility test. We welcome new members and take pride in what we can do for our firefighters, emergency response personnel and our community!


Are you a current EMT or Paramedic in the State of Oregon? Molalla Fire offers a volunteer program for EMS professionals to practice their skills on a transporting ALS ambulance. We have volunteers driving from over an hour away to work on our ambulances.
Duties range from being a second EMT in the back of the ambulance, to acting as a BLS partner and driving to our area hospitals. There is no residency requirement for EMS volunteers. Shifts available include daytime (0800-1800), nighttime (1800-0800) and full day (0800-0800). This program is unique since there are not many opportunities for EMS professionals to practice their skills without working for an ambulance company in the Metro Area. We reserve two positions on each shift for EMS volunteers, with one position being a driver, and one position assisting the Paramedic in the back of the ambulance.
EMS volunteers are a vital resource to Molalla Fire, and allow us to better allocate our resources for serving the public. Additionally, being an EMS volunteer allows for real-life experience for building a resume and places EMT/Paramedic students into an environment where studying will be supplemented by a wealth of paramedic knowledge from our skilled and experienced paramedics.