Explorer Program

Are you or someone you know between the ages of 14 and 18, and considering the possibility of Firefighting as a career? Perhaps you are considering adding community service to your resume for college applications or real-world experience. Our Fire Explorers program may be just that you need!
Our explorers learn all of the same skills and take most of the same classes as our full career and volunteer firefighters, except with a less strenuous training schedule that is customized to fit into the busy lives of teens. While our explorers are not full firefighters, they may be eligible to perform task evaluations once they turn 18 to become a full firefighter with Molalla Fire. Our explorers typically meet one Saturday a Month for 3 hours in the AM. We also work in conjunction with Canby Fire District explorers, training side by side.
Explorers are also integral to the community services that Molalla Fire provides, including Operation Santa Claus, our yearly city-wide food drive. Unfortunately, explorers are not allowed to operate power equipment, or enter a dangerous environment (including interior firefighting) due to insurance liability reasons. On special occasions, Explorers are able to fight fires from a safe position on the fire ground or perform other tasks as directed by a chief officer of Molalla Fire.