CPR Classes

Every able person is encouraged to learn and practice the basics of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, or CPR. Almost anyone can help save a life using the latest CPR techniques, with no formal classroom training or certification required.

Did You Know?
• CPR helps maintain vital blood flow to the heart and brain until advanced care arrives.
• Effective bystander CPR, provided immediately, can double the chance of survival.

The following are the classes that Molalla Fire District currently offers. The cost of the each class is due at the time of registration.


  • CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer program is designed for individuals in the healthcare or professional rescuer field that are required to have a professional-level basic life support training.

CPR / AED / First Aid Combo

  • Combination CPR, AED and Basic First Aid comes with one CPR/AED/BFA card. This combination course is great for community members and first responders alike.

Hands Only CPR

Hands Only CPR is so easy that almost anyone can do it! This new CPR method eliminates the need for mouth to mouth resuscitation – one of the reasons some people avoid learning or performing CPR.
To help increase the number of people trained in Hands Only CPR, the Molalla Fire District has obtained “Do It Yourself” training kits. Each kit contains an instructional DVD, one mannequin for practice and answers to frequently asked questions.
The kits can be borrowed from the Molalla Fire District by neighborhood associations, businesses, church groups and families wishing to learn this lifesaving skill.