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Molalla Rural Fire Protection District #73 is approximately 101 square miles with an ambulance service area (ASA) of 350 square miles covering a portion of the neighboring fire districts and the unprotected wilderness area. The District operates from three stations: Station 82, the headquarters station in the city of Molalla; Station 81, four miles to the north on Highway 213 and Station 85, five miles south on Sawtell Road. Both the Sawtell and Mulino stations are served by volunteers living in those areas. MRFPD #73, an Oregon special service district, is a modern, full-service fire agency, providing fire suppression, prevention, investigation, public education, rescue, and ambulance transport services.


Molalla Fire District is currently served by 12 career staff that includes one part time office assistant. Three students and sixty-five volunteer and support staff. Six of the line firefighter/paramedics were hired from a combination of Federal Grant Funding and a recently passed tax levy. Below you will find a short bio on each of the staff members.

Lt. Penunuri (Pronounced pa-noon-err-eee) is a day shift staff member that was hired in March of 2000. Mikes primary role is to serve as Fire Marshal for Molalla Fire District. His other duties include, but are not limited to, equipment maintenance that includes all apparatus, compressors and gas detection equipment. Mike is also responsible for maintenance and programming of all district communications equipment, pagers and mobile data computers. Mike also serves as the Safety Committee Chair Person. Mike likes to fish and occasionally hunt and spend time with his wife and two wonderful daughters.

I started as a volunteer at Bay City Fire and then came to Molalla, in 2011, as a student resident while I attended Paramedic school. After receiving my Paramedic I went to work for American Medical Response in Portland and continued to volunteer at Molalla. I was hired full time at Molalla Fire in May of 2014.

Some of my duties include: fighting structure fires, responding to medical calls as a Paramedic on the ambulance, pumping the fire engine as an Apparatus Operator, responding to motor vehicle crashes, and fighting wildland fires.

In my free time I enjoy: Photography, Running, Soccer (real football), Cross Country Skiing, Hiking, and just generally exploring the great outdoors! I am an Oregon coast boy with webbed feet and known for saying, “This isn’t rain, it’s just humidity!” I was once accused of smiling too much by a 5 year old and asked “do you ever have a bad day?”

I have been a part of Molalla Fire for five years and I look forward to continuing to serve in this community!

Firefighter/Paramedic Seth Theroux works on A Shift alongside Byron Wakefield and Robbe Boren. I was hired along with the other six SAFER grant employees on May 1st, 2014. You will mainly see me riding on the ambulance as the Lead Paramedic, or serving as the Apparatus Operator on the fire engine. I also serve as one of the instructors for the Molalla Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). I grew up in Oregon City and attended school at La Salle High School in Milwaukie. After graduating high school I moved to Bend, Oregon, and attended Central Oregon Community College. While in Bend I worked for the Sunriver Fire Department as a Firefighter Reserve, and as an EKG Technician for the St. Charles Medical Center. In my spare time I enjoy anything involving the outdoors. Some of my hobbies include camping, fishing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. Thank you for the opportunity to serve such a great community.
My name is Dallas Oja, I am a C-Shift Firefighter/Paramedic with Molalla Fire District and was hired in July of 2013. Before that I was a student firefighter and volunteer for 4 years with the district. My duties with the district include issuing, testing, and maintenance of our PPE and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.
Before Molalla I was born and raised in Knappa Oregon, which is about 15 miles east of Astoria. I currently reside within the City of Molalla with my girlfriend Cassie. When not working, we enjoy traveling, fishing, and other outdoor activities.
My name is Bryce Estabrook, I’m a Firefighter/Paramedic on C-Shift. I was hired on May 1st, 2014. My current duties aside from emergency response include: Firefighter Academy Instructor and member of the Medical Research Committee. Before I started in Molalla I worked as a Firefighter/Paramedic for Rural/Metro Fire Department in Grants Pass for approx. 6 years. And I started my firefighting career as a volunteer for Jacksonville Fire Department for 2 years.

I was born and raised in the Rogue Valley before moving to Molalla to start this new and exciting job. During my off time, I like to enjoy the outdoors by hiking, fishing and hunting. I also enjoy riding the back roads on my motorcycle from time to time

Hi, I’m Lt. Clinton Shaver. I am “B” shift lieutenant. My job is to oversee daily shift operations, maps, run cards, service area maps, building and ground maintenance, pre-fire plans, and run emergency calls. I also work with the high angle team and put together order or response for the response zones inside our district.
I started my fire training in 1989 and started as a volunteer in 1990. In 2000 I was hired full time on “B” shift. I have lived in the greater Molalla area all my life. I enjoy hiking, hunting, fishing and quiet back road motorcycle rides. I live just outside city limits with my wonderful wife and lovely daughter.
I’m Ethan Hupp, Firefighter/Paramedic residing on B shift. I was hired in September of 2014 after working private EMS on the Oregon Coast. In addition to my daily fire and EMS duties, I head up the Fire Explorers program and the volunteer recruitment efforts for Molalla Fire. I am originally from the Silverton Area, where I live with my Wife

Board Of Directors

Molalla Fire District is NOT affiliated in any way with the City of Molalla and receives no funding from the city. Molalla Fire district is a “Special District” governed by a 5 member board of directors who are elected by the citizens of Molalla. Board positions have a four year term. Below are the Board Members names and their term history.

Board Member Years Elected Term Expires
Position #1 Mike Towner 2007, 2011,2015 2019
Position #2 Brian Wolfe 2007, 2011,2015 2019
Position #3 Steve Long 2011,2015 2019
Position #4 Todd Gary 2005, 2009, 2013, 2017 2021
Position #5 Brian Lister 2017 2021